Conferences & events

Recently, vreestory has travelled across several countries to showcase its 1918 Romanian Unification VR experience, as well as the studio's capabilities for new potential collaborations in both VR and AR

Startup Ole 2018

Various students trying vreestory's demo during Startup Ole, in Salamanca.

vreestory in Beijing

vreestory was invited to showcase its VR experience focused on the Romanian Unification from 100 years ago at the reception organised by the Romanian Embassy in Beijing.

The 1918 Romanian Unification VR Lesson

During the 1st of December 2018 weekend, at a VRMaster event, more than 300 middle school and high school students had the chance to experience vreestory's 1918 Romanian Unification educational app using Pico's flagship headset, the Neo. 

Showcasing at Internetics Interactive Expo

vreestory presented its 1918 Romanian Unification VR experience during the Internetics Interactive Expo in Bucharest, held between 22-25 November 2018. 

The event brought together more than 40 VR, AR and digital installations, created by both local and international studios.

Other events

vreestory participated in early 2018 at the Startup Ole conference, held in Salamanca, Spain. 

More than 100 students tried an early version of the 1918 Romanian Unification VR experience.

Bucharest, Romania

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