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XR Tutor

XR Tutor is a community based platform that brings together teachers, students and educational contents, enabling students from around the world access to top tier lessons and educators. 


Aiming to reduce geographical limitations, the platform offers middle school and high school students interactive curriculum based contents for science subjects, available both online and offline.


Designed to help students master the curriculum and build interest through a blended approach, it combines individual learning mode with immersive sessions in which students can take private tutoring lessons from experienced teachers.

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Platform features


Content and Lessons

Full platform support of 2D/3D and other digital contents, increasing the effectiveness of traditional online learning methods.


All contents developed with the help of teachers and based on curriculum.



Intuitive and easy-to-use creator mode for teachers, allowing them to create amazing learning experiences in          no time.

Immersive tutoring sessions held by   vetted and certified teachers.


Immersive Education

The platform offers full interactivity as well as the possibility to "play” and “experiment” with 3D models and designs of the learning subject.


 Cross-device functionalities, enabling access to the platform regardless of the user’s device.

We are cooking!

Encouraging curiosity, fostering creativity, empowering students and teachers.

We’ve only just started.

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