Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality apps based on the Lenovo Mirage Solo

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality apps based on AR Glasses from Shadow Creator

Mobile VR/AR

VR/AR apps for mobile devices

Studio Capabilities

We specialize in custom-made apps, content & interactive activations using immersive technologies such as Virtual & Augmented Reality

We work hand in hand with our clients from the early stages to define and implement bespoke solutions together, taking the time to understand their needs, objectives, competitive context, and local insights.

Being users in the first place, we value simple, efficient campaigns that make smart use of emerging tech, while providing a sense of magic to audiences.

We do not bargain on value, deliverability and above all, user experience

We always keep a realistic approach towards expectations & tech limitations 

We value collaboration, transparency & mutual transfer of knowledge with our partners

Targets and KPIs

We provide an integrated solution, aligned with the client's strategy, focusing on:

- Objectives

- Targets

- KPIs/metrics


We produce a recommendation proposal with:

- Deliverables

- Detailed budget

- Detailed timeline.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified developers & artists, allowing us to have a flexible and reactive approach in terms of project management.


Throughout the development process, we provide regular Feedback milestones.

After completion, we ensure Follow-up: project evaluation, tech servicing & maintenance

VR Headsets

Experience developing for platforms such as: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Pico Neo

3D work

3D Design & Animation

AR Glasses

Access to one of the latest

AR Glasses on the market

Shadow Creator Action One


We favour physical, interactive activations over solely online campaigns.

We design technology-powered events that focus on human interactions.

Bucharest, Romania

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